Refund Policy

Unless expressly set forth herein, the Subscription Fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Before making a purchase eButify offers free plan to use eButify without asking our customers to enter their bank account information. If the customer subscribes to one of eButify plans the subscription fees won't be refunded.


You are fully informed that Swiss law does not provide for any withdrawal period for e-commerce. That is to say that all paid services offered by eButify are nonretractable and irrevocable, so that we do not make any refund once the order is completed.

We therefore encourage you to read the general conditions carefully before making a purchase.

As soon as you register on eButify, you automatically have the possibility to test and judge the features of the tool via a free plan. This way, you know what to expect before making a purchase. For this, we do not offer refunds.

By making a purchase on our website, it means that you have read the general terms and conditions and that you fully accept them.

In rare cases, we accept refund requests for new users within 24 hours of their first purchase*.

*Please note that:

  • ⇰ First purchase means the initial payment with an identified account and does not include the monthly renewal, or plan upgrade.
  • ⇰ You will need to provide us with detailed and justified reasons for the refund.
  • ⇰ We do not reimburse in case of non-use, dissatisfaction, or forgotten cancellations.


If you choose to purchase one of our paid subscriptions, the term of your subscription will begin once we have confirmed your payment of fees in accordance with the payment instructions on the website. At that time, you will have access to the Platform with the updated features described on the Website for the relevant subscription.


At any time, you can cancel your subscription to end any future payments. After cancelling your subscription, you will be able to access eButify until the end of your current period (monthly or yearly). For example :

  • ⇰ If you have an annual subscription and you cancel it 4 months after your initial payment, you will have access to the tool and all the features included in your plan for the next 8 months.
  • ⇰ If you have a monthly subscription and you cancel it 20 days after your initial payment, you will have access to the tool and all the features included in your plan for the next 10 days.
  • ⇰ If you cancel your subscription before the end date of your period and no longer wish to use the tool, we will not refund you for the remaining days of your billing period or your remaining “credits”. These remaining “credits” will be lost.


Depending on the type of subscription you have, either monthly or yearly, your subscription is renewed every 30 days or every year (365 days). To avoid being billed again on the renewal date, make sure you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours in advance.

You agree that if you no longer require the Service, it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription. We will not be liable if you forget to cancel your subscription.


Any request for information, clarification, or any complaint, you must first contact us to allow us to find a solution to the request. Our customer service is accessible using the following e-mail at:

⇰ Email us:
⇰ Email us:
⇰ Call us: +880 1722-722690

Please note that the information you submit through e-mail may not be secure. Please do not include sensitive information in your messages.

Last updated: May 03th, 2021.

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